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About Us.

The Experience

Welcome to Kzmya Hospitality, where we are passionate about delivering an unforgettable, personalized experience to our cherished customers. We firmly believe that every dining occasion, event, get-together, or casual rendezvous revolves around the desire for an extraordinary experience and a profound sense of satisfaction.


At Kzmya Hospitality, we take great pleasure in involving our customers in every step of the culinary journey. We don't expect you to don a chef's hat and prepare your own meals; instead, we strive to gain a deep understanding of your background, your flavor preferences, and the atmosphere you envision for your morning, afternoon, or evening gathering.


We believe that by immersing ourselves in your story, we can curate a dining experience that truly reflects your individuality. Whether it's an intimate dinner, a corporate event, or a joyous celebration, we want to craft a culinary adventure

Our Story

When Fate Brings Foodies Together: The Tale of Adeniyi Williams and Jason Marcelin

Picture this: a London nightclub restroom in 2018, where chance encounters can lead to remarkable friendships and life-changing partnerships. That's exactly where Adeniyi Williams and Jason Marcelin found themselves, striking up a conversation that would forever shape their destinies. It all started with a casual chat. Adeniyi and Jason, two strangers in that noisy restroom, somehow clicked instantly. Their energy aligned, their interests meshed, and they just hit it off. Who would have thought that the foundation of an incredible friendship and a thriving business partnership was being laid in the unlikeliest of places? Fast forward to 2023, and Adeniyi approached Jason with an exciting- proposition to launch his dream project. Adeniyi believed that Jason was the perfect partner to bring this vision to life! Honored and humbled, Jason couldn't help but accept the invitation. After all, his love for food had been a lifelong passion, especially when it came to exploring his African roots. What's the driving force behind their newfound venture, you ask? Well, it's simple—they both share an insatiable love for the rich, deep flavors that come from diverse cultures. They were determined to bring these cultural treasures to the masses, but not in the ordinary, run-of-the-mill way. Adeniyi and Jason had bigger plans. They wanted to shock people's senses and redefine what a dining experience could be. Their vision extended far beyond just serving up delicious meals. They aimed to create an extraordinary, mind-blowing experience that would leave people in awe. They wanted to take taste buds on a wild ride, showcasing innovative techniques, unexpected fusions, and a kaleidoscope of flavors inspired by their African heritage. So, armed with their shared passion and a burning desire to push culinary boundaries, Adeniyi Williams and Jason Marcelin set out on their thrilling journey. Together, they would blend their skills, expertise, and unwavering determination to make their gastronomic dreams come true. With their private dining company, Adeniyi and Jason will revolutionize the way we experience food. They'll transport us to a world of culinary wonders, where each bite tells a story, where tradition meets innovation, and where taste is elevated to an art form. It's remarkable how a chance encounter in a nightclub restroom led to this incredible partnership. Fate works in mysterious ways, doesn't it? Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with flavors that will dazzle your palate and leave you hungry for more.

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